Accounts Offered

Trust Accounts, Standard Accounts, Corporate Accounts, 401K Rollovers, IRA, Roth IRA, Simple IRA, SEP IRA, UTMA, and 529 College Savings 

Desert Capital Management Group swiftly connects at the heart of what matters most, giving you specific tools to create your vision for the future and develop a plan; in the present to effectively reach your goals. We strive to give you the individual attention you deserve, understanding your story is unique and that your circumstances may be challenging. We adapt our methods to meet the individual needs of each client and together we create solutions.

What you might not know:

How can retirement accounts help with my taxes?  

Retirement plans typically include either pre-tax or after-tax accounts or both. Pre-tax contributions help increase savings in your pre-retirement years while after-tax contributions may help reduce your tax burden during retirement. You may also save for retirement outside of a retirement plan, such as in an investment account. Generally, your retirement income should come from both retirement plans and after-tax investment accounts.

Mismanage taxes in your accounts and you run the risk of paying more to the government than necessary. We'll keep you advised on tax reduction strategies that can help you avoid mistakes and maximize your retirement savings.

Why get a Trust?  

A trust allows you to pass and preserve wealth. It's an opportunity allowing you greater control over exactly how and when to pass assets to trust beneficiaries. There are many types of trusts to consider, each designed to help achieve a specific goal. An estate planning professional can help you determine which type (or types) of trust is most appropriate for you. We'll work with you and your estate planning team to ensure investment strategies within the trust are tax-efficient and strategically allocated to maximize returns.